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Fields of law » Contract law

Contract law constitutes an umbrella term for the various fields of life in which contracts are concluded.

The most frequently concluded contract is probably the contract of sale:
Defects which appear after the conclusion of a purchase, defaulting buyers, complaints, exchange, cancellations of orders, problems and damage occurring during the delivery and contractual problems in general.

Other fields of contract law are, for example:
Claims of recourse by customers, travel shortcomings in the case of tour contacts, delays of railway or plane, excessive telephone bills in the case of telecommunication agreements and termination of the mobile telephony contract, problems with craftsmen in the case of contracts for services, leases, insufficient performance in the case of service contracts, TV licence fee collecting agency (GEZ).

The Law Office Röhm is at your disposal in the following fields of contract law:
  • Contract of purchase
  • Defects, faults, damage
  • Reversed transaction of a contract of purchase
  • Contract to render services
  • Contract for services
  • Acceptance of the performance
  • Compensation for damage
  • Claims of recourse by customers
  • Tour contract
  • Price reduction in the case of travel defects
  • Notification of defects
  • Delays of train and plane
  • Telecommunication contract
  • Termination of telecommunication providers
  • Lease


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