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Fields of law » Law of association

The founding of an association is often linked with many questions. Frequently associations strive for a recognition for tax relief (colloquially: that they are of a charitable nature) in order to be exempted from corporation and trade tax, as well as to be able to utilise turnover tax concessions and issue confirmations of bestowal (formerly donation receipts). The association’s standing rules play a decisive role here. It also has to be taken into account that members of the executive committee are subject to risks of personal liability. Röhm law office support you with the many and varied questions surrounding the law of association:
  • Charitable nature
  • Founding an association
  • Registration of an association
  • Election of an executive committee
  • Change of the executive committee
  • Executive function
  • Management
  • The executive committee’s liability
  • The organisation’s liability
  • Personnel and honorary position
  • Members’ meeting / Election
  • Membership
  • Tax law
  • Turnover tax
  • Bookkeeping audit and accounting control
  • Financing


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