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Domain law, law surrounding eBay

It is no longer possible to imagine our everyday life without the private and business use of the World Wide Web. Fraud in the Internet and problems with the conclusion of contracts in the Internet can often only be solved by recourse to law. Even before you undertake business in the Internet, it is to be recommended that you obtain legal advice, as many rights and obligations are unknown to buyers and sellers in the online business. Warning notices, exchange, complaints, cancellation of orders and supply can become a serious problem through the anonymity in the Internet when buying and selling.

Röhm law office will advise you in Internet law, domain law and the law surrounding eBay with
  • Warning notices
  • Imprint obligation
  • Infringements of copyright
  • Buying and selling
  • Contract problems
  • Fraud
  • Right of revocation and return / Exchange and complaint
  • Services
  • Dialers
  • Law of trademarks and naming a domain
  • Data protection


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