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Fields of law » Insolvency law

There are not only insolvency proceedings for companies in order to regulate heavy debts, problems with the bank, demands and distraint, such proceedings are also open to a private individual. A consumer insolvency or normal insolvency is intended for indebted private individuals who can no longer master their debts by their own efforts. At the end of the period after insolvency, as a rule the person will be released from all debts. A new opportunity is thus open economically.

Your lawyer and specialist solicitor, Martin Röhm, will advise you on insolvency law. We offer consultation on insolvency law for entrepreneurs, private individuals, self-employed persons, creditors and debtors. We represent both at the preparation of insolvency proceedings and in insolvency proceedings. In order that will not even come to insolvency, we recommend thorough financial advice and a lawyer’s assistance in claims matters. Fields of insolvency law are:
  • Consumer insolvency proceedings
  • Normal insolvency proceedings
  • Filing of claims and assertion of rights of segregation and preferential satisfaction
  • Inspection of the debts
  • Negotiations with the creditors
  • Creditors in the insolvency proceedings
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Statutory declaration
  • Dispensation from residual debt
  • Period of good behaviour
  • Insolvency administration
  • Settlement of debts plan
  • Out-of-court settlement
  • Dispensation from residual debt
  • Claim arising from tort
  • Delaying insolvency
  • Duty to file for insolvency

Attorney Martin Röhm has successfully passed the specialist lawyer’s examination in insolvency law. As a creditor, please take note also of Claims Matters – Claims, Reminders, Distraints. You can profit from the qualification as a specialist legal counsellor in this field, too.


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