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Fields of law » Labour law

Notice of dismissal, settlement, wage and working time

Matters, such as notice of dismissal, settlement, maternity protection, parental leave, wages, working time and disputes with social welfare insurance institutions are connected with the contract of employment or contract to render services, and fall under the field of Labour Law. On account of numerous tight deadlines in Labour Law, rapid action pays off particularly.

The Law Office Röhm supports you in labour law with:
  • Drafting a contract of employment / contract to render services
    Working time and wage
    Employment contract for a limited period
    Trial period
  • Checking job advertisements and new appointments
    with regard to the anti-discrimination law
  • Notice of dismissal
    Period of notice
    Extraordinary, instant notice of dismissal
    Protection against unfair dismissal
    Illness and notice of dismissal
  • Settlement
    Settlement and unemployment benefit
  • Warning notice
  • Reference
    Right to a reference,
    Hints and forms of wording in the reference
  • Parental leave, maternity protection
    Protection from dismissal during pregnancy
    Right to reemployment
  • Insolvency guarantee fund
    Employer’s inability to pay
    Employer’s insolvency
    Extraordinary right of dismissal
  • Labour law disputes
    All round Christmas bonus and holiday pay,
    Claims for damages,
    Occupational accidents,
    Working time
    Employers’ rights, employees’ rights, duties of care,
    Occupational disability, reduction in earning capacity


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